Create prestigious starters & mains such as prawn cocktails & salads all with the dramatic fog effect created by dry ice. Other aromas can be introduced to complement & enhance the taste of the food by adding flavourings to the dry ice. Dry ice also assists in keeping the dish fresh and chilled.

Vapour Sorbet: Our method of making sorbet is easily the fastest, smoothest and most spectacular way to make this iconic dessert. We utilise the power of dry ice to freeze the ingredients in a matter of seconds, resulting in the production of smaller ice crystals than can be created with any conventional ice cream maker or freezer methods. Many top chefs have commented that this method is key to producing the smoothest sorbet in the world. We combine the freezing temperatures of the dry ice with delicious alcoholic combinations to create cocktail sorbets, Due to dry ice being far below the temperature of most conventional methods of freezing, we also create cocktail sorbets with high alcohol content where, in normal instances this alcohol would never get close to freezing. We recommend adding Red Velvet Zing Vodka for a truly mind blowing twist!