Vapour Creations strives to ensure safety in all our products & partners products. All products are rigorously tested and patented to insure safety as well as making sure they are durable and long lasting. Below you can find links to various MSDS, Risk/ Hazard assessments as well as storage and transportation guidelines.

Dry ice should always be handled with caution.

Vapour Creations does not use liquid nitrogen under any circumstances. We would strongly advise you not to either.

We supply CS9.5 grade dry ice with safety instructions. Additional hardware when purchased also comes complete with instructions. Follow these guidelines below:-
Dry ice is extremely cold (-80 degrees) and should be handled with care, use the gloves provided as necessary to help prevent frostbite burns.
Never use industrial dry ice in drinks it may contain chemical, oils or other contaminants, even dry ice made from food grade CO2 may contain oils and contaminants as it is converted into dry ice. Use CS9.5 grade to be safe.
Never put dry ice directly into drinks always use a safety containment device such as the our shot glasses.
Only allow responsible sober adults to handle dry ice who have read the safety guidelines.
Storing and Using Dry Ice Always keep dry ice in the polystyrene box supplied.
Always replace the lid after use.
Always store the dry ice box in a cool place out of direct sunlight.
You can store the dry ice box in a domestic fridge or freezer.
Do NOT store in a walk in refrigerator or freezer.
Never transport in a vehicle without having a continuous supply of fresh air.
Do not open until you are ready to use the dry ice – this will reduce its life span.
When handling the dry ice, put two of the supplied gloves on one hand; use this hand to touch the dry ice. Use a cup, or scoop to move the dry ice.
Read and follow safety guidelines for use of dry ice available from our Downloads section below:


Safety and usage instructions

Vapour Creations Risk assesment

Vapour Creations Safety data sheet

Vapour Safety COSHH