Vapour Foods

The use of dry ice in food is perfectly safe and can provides dramatic effects that dazzle guests. Whether used in ice cream-based deserts or with any other type of meal, our dry ice comes in the form of 9mm food grade pellets, and can be used for innovative presentation, keeping products cool or creating stunning displays. Dry ice effects work well with meat, fish, vegetables, ice creams, sorbets, cocktails, and many other food-types.
In a time when the high-street has never seen such intense competition, it’s vital that your restaurant sets itself apart from the competition with inventive and creative menu ideas.
Vapour Creations dry ice is supplied in polystyrene containers and can be a great tool for a chef to build beautiful and tasty plates. We can supply menu ideas, recipes and exact requirements for individual creations.
Storage is easy and there’s only a few guidelines to follow including: Always keep dry ice in the polystyrene box supplied, always replace the lid after use, always store the dry ice box in a cool place out of direct sunlight, do NOT store in a walk in refrigerator or freezer, never transport in a vehicle without having a continuous supply of fresh air, do not open until you are ready to use the dry ice – this will reduce its life span – see our safety page for more info.