Vapour Creations Ice Cage


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Product Description

The Ice Cage is designed for use in a wide range of applications to create bespoke  smoke effects. It is intended to be unobtrusive by being submerged in any viable container of liquid – limited only by the imagination. (If you propose  to use a glass container please make sure it is made of pyrex). For example as a table centre piece, presentation with food or general smoke effect. Simply fill the ice cage with dry ice and add to any warm water to create a fantastic smoke effect.

The Ice Cage is made from very strong polycarbonate. It contains our safety valve system so that you can add dry ice to the cage and then put the cage into any drinking vessel or container you wish The liquid will contact the dry ice within the cage giving a great smoke effect The ice will not fall out as it is trapped so that this device can be used for pitchers off all types.

Perfect for premium bottle serves, champagne, or cocktail jugs!


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