Vapour Creations specialises in innovating cocktails which interact with the customer, some may change colour or flavour, others use vintage sprits (60’s/70’s) with different flavours to today’s mass produced range.
Other molecular mixology techniques use Dry Ice to produce alcoholic sorbet in a matter of seconds, carbonating the sorbet to result in a frozen, fizzy alcoholic sorbet cocktail.

We’re sure you have had fine smoked cheese? What about a fine smoked cocktail? We use our smoke gun to add a unique smoke flavour in front of your eyes to add a smoked flavour to cocktails with each type of wood smoke bringing a different, unique flavour.


Why Choose us?

Our Bar Service options include:
Free Bar – Guests drinks freely for the evening from a range of selected drinks
Pay Bar – Guests pay for their drinks
Free/Pay Bar – Have a selection of free drinks for your guests (tab/pre-paid) followed by a pay bar
Just the Service – If you would like to take care of all the stock provision yourself you can be quoted for the rest. Fill in our contact form and we will get back to you with a quote for what you need